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Airframe And Powerplant Certification: Frequently Asked Questions What is airframe and powerplant certification?

Airframe and powerplant certification is a requirement for aviation mechanics in the US.

What do I need to study for airframe and powerplant certification?

In order for anyone to be able to study for the airframe and powerplant certification you must be at least 18 years of age and be able to understand, read and write the English language. You will need to acquire an FAA Form 8610-2 signed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Pass all the required tests within two years.

If I want airframe and powerplant certification how do I get the Federal Aviation Administration to sign the form?

There are two ways to meet the requirements of the FAA for your testing authorization...
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What One Can Expect With An Airframe And Powerplant Certificate An airframe and powerplant certificate is a certificate in airplane mechanics that specifically states what part or parts of the plane a mechanic is allowed to work on. It takes extensive schooling or experience with an airframe and powerplant to get an airframe and powerplant certificate. For each individual mechanical part a person must have 18 hours of experience and for some they must train for 30 hours. This means at least 30 hours of experience in the workforce, military or training. So getting an airframe and powerplant certificate is definitely an achievement.

But what can someone who has acquired an airframe and powerplant certificate expect? What are the job prospects and salary? Maybe a student is trying to decide whether...
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